Community Seven Interview

It was a tremendous honor to sit with Melanie from Community Seven and talk about the Faoii Chronicles. I was even allowed to wear my armor on set!

Author Interview: Zuellah

I recently did an interview about my writing process with Zuellah. You can read the interview in its entirety by clicking the picture below.

The Faoii Chronicles are Now Available at This House of Books

You can now get SIGNED copies of The Last Faoii and Faoii Betrayer at This House of Books in Billings (224 North Broadway)!

Interview on 103.7 The Hawk

Did anyone listen in for some Faoii news and classic rock on 103.7 The Hawk?
If you missed it live, don’t worry! Just hit the link below!

Book Covers!

I get asked about my covers a lot, so I made a video about everything we’ve done so far to make the Faoii Chronicles look amazing!

The Faoii Chronicles has a commerical!

For the first time EVER we have a commercial for The Faoii Chronicles! PLEASE share it to your social media and with your friends. Soon, everyone will know of our story.

Author Interview: Between the Lines

I was honored to be featured on Between the Lines. This was a really fun interview, and the first one I’ve ever done on camera.

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