All "NULL" Proceeds Go To School Shooting Victims

Every time there’s a school shooting in the US, I have at least a couple people ask me if “Null” is available. Since I wrote the story in response to the Parkland Massacre, I understand this, but it breaks my heart. So I’m trying to answer the requests in the best way I know how. “Null” is now available on Amazon as a standalone story, and ALL proceeds will ALWAYS go to the victims of school shootings. Hopefully someday I won’t have anyone to donate to. If it comes to that, I’ll take the story down, and gladly. Until then, you can read this poignant, superpowered short story and help the devastated families of school shootings at the same time. 

There are some monsters a child should never have to face. What happens when the Heroes don’t show up?

Author Interview: Opus Knight

This was probably one of the most interesting and unexpected live interviews I’ve ever done. I met 2 amazing authors, one of whom is everything most of us aspire to be. Definitely give it a watch!

New Releases!

The end is coming, Faoii. And it will be glorious. 

Rather than just offer you the last book in the Faoii Chronicles, I also want to give you all a certain gift. So, there are two more books coming out between now and the end of the Year. Faoii Ascended, the epic conclusion to the trilogy is coming on November 16, and The First Faoli, an anthology of standalone Faoii stories and novella, is currently available for as close to free as I can make it. My gift to you for helping me get this far.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Shields up.

Thank You, Faoii.

This is just a small video I made for all of you, my warriors. Thank you for everything. I could not have gotten this far without you.

Author Interview: Adam Gaffen

Our army has a new interview up. Click HERE to read it!

New Anthology Announcement! "NULL" is here!

The Misfits and Unusual Heroes  Anthology dropped unexpectedly this week, and I am so excited to share it with you. This super-powered has more than 40 stories, poems, and fully-colored glossy artwork from contributors around the world. It also includes my superhero short story, “Null,” a poignant look at modern issues and what our children really look for when they need a hero. Get your copy HERE.

The Faoii Chronicles Are Now Available (Almost) Everywhere!

After YEARS of work, we finally have our stories available (nearly) everywhere that books are sold online. You can now find The Faoii Chronicles on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and MORE! Click HERE to see all of your new options for online retailers!

Hardbacks Now Available!

You all asked, so we made it happen! The Last Faoii and Faoii Betrayer are now available in hardback formats and they are SO GORGEOUS. Gets yours HERE!

Author Interview: AJ Park

AJ Park just released a new book and had Five Days of Fantasy leading up to the launch. It was so much fun to be part of her event and to do this interview! Enjoy!
You can check out AJ’s work HERE.

Interview: Diamond Dragons

This was probably one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever been a part of, because we discuss so much more than just books. Features pictures of me, my husband, armor, SCA, and more! Give it a watch!

2020 Audiobook Reviewer Awards

I am SO excited to announce that Faoii Betrayer  won “Fantasy Audiobook of the Year” and The Faoii Chronicles won “Series of the Year” from Audiobook Reviewer. This is SO EXCITING, Faoii.

You can listen to excerpts and download your own copies of the audiobooks HERE.

The Blaze Goldburst Show

This is probably the last interview I’ll have this year. But what an awesome way to finish 2020! Hello to all of my India Faoii!

Community Seven Interview

It was a tremendous honor to sit with Melanie from Community Seven and talk about the Faoii Chronicles. I was even allowed to wear my armor on set!

Book Covers!

I get asked about my covers a lot, so I made a video about everything we’ve done so far to make the Faoii Chronicles look amazing!

The Faoii Chronicles has a commerical!

For the first time EVER we have a commercial for The Faoii Chronicles! PLEASE share it to your social media and with your friends. Soon, everyone will know of our story.