The Faoii Chronicles are Now Available at This House of Books

You can now get SIGNED copies of The Last Faoii and Faoii Betrayer at This House of Books in Billings (224 North Broadway)!

Interview on 103.7 The Hawk

Did anyone listen in for some Faoii news and classic rock on 103.7 The Hawk?
If you missed it live, don’t worry! Just hit the link below!

Vote for Faoii Betrayer in the AllAuthor Cover Contest!

Faoii Betrayer was selected for the AllAuthor Cover Contest this month, and I need all of your help to make our story more visible. There are several rounds, and the top covers are selected by cumulated votes since the beginning of the contest. The first round takes the top 100, the 2nd round takes the top 50, and so on. Everyone can vote again each round, so it definitely requires a seige more than a charge. I absolutely believe our army can hold that line throughout the month of September. Follow me on Facebook for updates when each new round opens for voting!

Update: We’ve made it to round 3! We need to be in the top 24 to make it to round 4!

The Faoii Chronicles has a commerical!

For the first time EVER we have a commercial for The Faoii Chronicles! PLEASE share it to your social media and with your friends. Soon, everyone will know of our story.

Author Interview: Between the Lines

I was honored to be featured on Between the Lines. This was a really fun interview, and the first one I’ve ever done on camera.

Author Interview: Fantasy Hive Women in SFF Author Spotlight

I had the immense honor to sit down with Fantasy Hive and talk about women in Military Fantasy today. You can read the entire interview by clicking the image below.

Podcast: Audiobooks: Tips, Tricks, and Experiences

It was an honor to be a guest speaker for the Writing Bloc Podcast this month. Click below to give it a listen as I and the amazing Peter L. Harmon talk about our experiences, advice, and thoughts on creating and marketing an audiobook! Enjoy!

(Like this podcast? Listen to all of the Writinc Bloc podcasts by clicking HERE.)

Autho Interview: Pay it Forward

This was a nice, short written interview with Cheryl Holloway on Pay It Forward. You can read the entire interview by clicking the image below.

Podcast: Writing and Mental Health

It was wonderful to be part of the Writing Bloc podcast again this month! This particular episode was about something very important and personal to me– mental health in the world of writing. We talk about the good and the bad parts of how our creative minds work, tropes we love and hate, advice on what to do when you’re struggling, and more. I am beyond amazed and humbled at the support both the writing and mental health communities have shown since it aired. Give it a listen and take care of yourselves.

Listen to all of the Writing Bloc podcasts by clicking HERE

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