Podcast: Writing and Mental Health

It was wonderful to be part of the Writing Bloc podcast again this month! This particular episode was about something very important and personal to me– mental health in the world of writing. We talk about the good and the bad parts of how our creative minds work, tropes we love and hate, advice on what to do when you’re struggling, and more. I am beyond amazed and humbled at the support both the writing and mental health communities have shown since it aired. Give it a listen and take care of yourselves.

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Now Available: The Last Faoii (2nd edition)


After almost three years of frustration and uncertainty, I have finally broken free of my previous publisher and am moving forward with The Faoii Chronicles. It took a lot of hard work, late nights, and the occasional tear, but I have taught myself how to do all the things that I once thought I needed a publisher for– formatting, typesetting, publishing and more. With the process complete, I can now proudly present all of you a book that is truly worthy of your support–and at a lower price than before.

Thank you for your patience. On to Faoii Betrayer!

Popup Boutique: Saturdays from 12-4


I am so excited to announce that The Last Faoii has been invited to appear at Billings’ Popup Boutique at 110 N 29th Street every Saturday from Noon to 4:00! Signed copies of The Last Faoii available for $10 and Escape! (with”The Faoii of Ashwood”) available for $5.

Come and see me! Say hi! Get a signed copy or ask questions or see other awesome local vendors/artists. I’ll be the one in armor.

Podcast: Audiobooks: Tips, Tricks, and Experiences

It was an honor to be a guest speaker for the Writing Bloc Podcast this month. Click below to give it a listen as I and the amazing Peter L. Harmon talk about our experiences, advice, and thoughts on creating and marketing an audiobook! Enjoy!

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