Second Editions, Formatting, and Frustration

Well, Faoii, we’re neck-deep in a great learning experience right now! In preparation of releasing FAOII BETRAYER soon, I am about to release a second edition of THE LAST FAOII. Very little will change except 1) I will slightly update the cover 2) I will fix the few spelling/grammar errors that made their way through into the first edition and 3) I will finally have full control of everything instead of Inkshares being in charge. I am very very excited.

It’s kind of difficult, though. In order to self-publish the second edition by myself through Amazon, I need to re-submit everything as a regular document. So I converted my PDF file of THE LAST FAOII to word, and am now learning how to format in Word for the first time, and I’m switching the images inside the book for ones I own, since they didn’t convert well and I don’t know what’s my property and what’s Inkshares’. It’s tedious and difficult, but if I can learn how to do it before putting out THE LAST FAOII again, then it means I SHOULD be able to do it myself when I release FAOII BETRAYER later this year. Here’s hoping.

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