Quick update, Faoii!

Woo! The e-book and paperback versions of THE LAST FAOII are officially linked on one page. I also got a paperback copy in the mail today and THEY ARE SO PRETTY, I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. I am so happy!

I’m still trying to link the new edition to the reviews that we had before, because I REALLY do not want to lose all of that. It was so hard getting this far. But, luckily, Amazon has done an amazing job of answering all of my questions RIGHT AWAY (which is such a great change) and I’m sure we can find a way to link the 1st edition and the second edition online.

Also– for the first time EVER I can actually tell how many copies I’ve sold of the new edition, which was never something I felt like I was getting accurate information on before. I might never find out how well THE LAST FAOII actually did, but I’ll know for this edited version. And I’ll definitely know for FAOII BETRAYER.

Speaking of which, I just finished yet another major rewrite for the ending of FAOII BETRAYER. It’s taking a lot of tries, but I promise I’m going to give you something worthy by the end of this. Just you wait.

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