Indie Authors and Reviews

I’m just going to remind everyone once again that reviews are ABSOLUTELY the best thing you can do for an indie author. Whether you leave 1 star or 5– all of it’s necessary to carve out even a tiny niche in an industry that has millions of people all clamoring for the same space.

If you’re worried about “I wouldn’t know what to write”– it’s okay. You can write three paragraphs about why you loved or hated the story, or you can write one word. You can tell me I suck and that I should never write ever again. I promise. You won’t hurt my feelings, and your claims might add some legitimacy to my page or (more likely) have me work that much harder to be better next time. Or you can tell me that I’ve created something wonderful and amazing and I’ll cry like a baby and go to sleep with a light heart and the belief that maybe I’ve done something worthy in my lifetime. That’s a power that’s in your hands. Use it.

Every review helps me as an author and a writer. It helps me expand my business and hone my craft. Indie authors NEED your reviews. Please. <3

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