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03/17/2020 Writing Bloc Podcast: Writing and Mental Health

“Welcome to the Writing Bloc Podcast where we talk all things writing and indie publishing. In today’s episode we talk with authors J. Danielle Dorn and Tahani Nelson about writing and mental health.  We’ll talk about how mental health impacts our writing process, how our experiences make their way into our writing, and discuss our feelings about the ‘tortured artist’ trope.”

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01/21/2020 Writing Bloc Podcast: Making an Audiobook

“Welcome to the Writing Bloc Podcast where we talk all things writing and indie publishing. Today’s episode is all about audiobooks, and we’re happy to be joined by guest authors Peter Harmon and Tahani Nelson. We’ll go over various routes for audiobook production available to indie authors, and discuss some experiences with each!”

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06/19/2019 Writers’ Perspectives: Dealing with Writers’ Block

“Join Tahani Nelson as she helps to break down why we suffer from Writers’ Block–and how to break through it.”

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06/18/2019 Words of Warriors: Discussing The Last Faoii with Tahani Nelson
“For those who didn’t already know, The Geek Embassy’s own Tahani Nelson wrote a book entitled The Last Faoii. I sat down to talk with her about it.”
10/03/2017 Kaiya (Of the Last Faoii, by Tahani Nelson)

“Dear readers, tonight with me is the last disciple of a militaristic order, that for generations have protected the empire. Her monastery was destroyed and all her sisters slain. She now travels the country on a mission to avenge her sisters and preserve what is left of her heritage. She is here to tell us about a war-ravaged empire, of betrayal and freedom, and of family secrets she has uncovered.”

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10/02/2017 Jessie’s Coffee Shop Podcast: The Last Faoii

“Welcome to Jessie’s Coffee Shop. Listen in as we talk to Tahani Nelson about her upcoming military fantasy.”

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