Faoii! Listen! Today is incredibly exciting!!

First off, it’s my birthday, and I wanted to find a way to celebrate it with all of you. So here are a few announcements that I hope you will enjoy:

1) I am finally free of my original publisher! For those of you that have been following this book since the beginning, you probably know what a relief this is for me. I have all my rights back and can put out a second, improved edition of THE LAST FAOII and finally feel like I can move forward FAOII BETRAYER. Are you as excited as I am??

It’s been several weeks of really hard work, but I’ve learned how to do all of the formatting/typesettings that I thought I needed a publisher for before, and I’m am very proud of the result (in fact, I think I improved the book in many ways, and for less money/frustration than I would have paid had I continued the route I’d originally chosen). There is now officially nothing that Inkshares offered me that I cannot do on my own with more control and fewer unanswered e-mails. I also have an updated BEAUTIFUL cover (which I absolutely COULD NOT do on my own, but Inkshares never helped me with that, either. So, once again a huge THANK YOU to Evan Graham!)

More than this, though, I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. This book has meant so much to me for years now, and it was very frustrating knowing that I couldn’t correct the errors that were inside, fix the Amazon page blurb that was wrong on the day it went up, get replacement copies of books that showed up with almost half the pages falling out (I am SO SORRY for those of you that received some of these) or have any control over anything that involved my work. It was even more frustrating to know that my e-mails had about a 40% chance of being answered and that any royalties I earned were probably never going to show up in my bank account. Overall, it was a nightmare. But I’m free of it now, and the chances of ANY of that happening with Amazon (where I’ll be self-publishing from here on out) are way less likely. Overall, I’m very excited! It’s time to move forward! On to bigger and better things! Are you with me, Faoii?

All of that being said, you’re probably going to see me post about THE LAST FAOII even more for the next several weeks as I try to drum up excitement (and new readers) before the release of FAOII BETRAYER. The new and improved version should be available in a couple of days. If you see any of these posts, please consider sharing them or letting your friends know. And I promise—you’re going to want to read THE LAST FAOII before the sequel comes out. I thought I needed my old publisher to make any of this real or worthwhile. But I’ve learned that there was absolutely nothing they were willing or able to provide that I couldn’t learn or that I didn’t have already.

After all, I have an army. Shields up!

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