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Quick update, Faoii!

Woo! The e-book and paperback versions of THE LAST FAOII are officially linked on one page. I also got a paperback copy in the mail today and THEY ARE SO PRETTY, I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. I am so happy! I’m still trying to link the new edition to the reviews that we had before, …

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Faoii! Listen! Today is incredibly exciting!! First off, it’s my birthday, and I wanted to find a way to celebrate it with all of you. So here are a few announcements that I hope you will enjoy: 1) I am finally free of my original publisher! For those of you that have been following this …


Something’s Coming, Faoii

Getting closer… are you as excited as I am? Because once I feel confident that the first book is ready (and I’m 100% free from Inkshares’ clutches) we can move on to Faoii Betrayer. But one amazing book at a time.

Indie Authors and Reviews

I’m just going to remind everyone once again that reviews are ABSOLUTELY the best thing you can do for an indie author. Whether you leave 1 star or 5– all of it’s necessary to carve out even a tiny niche in an industry that has millions of people all clamoring for the same space. If …

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A Thank-You for My Husband

If you’re a writer and you’re married, make sure you thank your spouse. Because those poor fools go for weeks or months without seeing us except to bring coffee and fix the things we throw when our characters are being brats. I am convinced that no one deserves the Hell that is being married to …

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