A Word of Gratitude

I finished my first round of edits on Faoii Betrayer and am so pleased with how it’s turning out so far. However, like any good author, I know that I’m too close to it. I know I need a second or third or 80th pair of eyes. And I’ll get there someday. But for now, I’ve sent it on to the one person that has literally ALWAYS been there to help me be a better writer (and person)–my father.

Here’s something you need to know, Dear Readers. Most of the reason I’ve become the writer and woman I am today is because of my father’s efforts to help me be something greater than what I was the day or week or year before. And a lot of that started with literacy. Some of my oldest memories are of my father reading to me. (Fun fact: I didn’t learn how to read until the 2nd grade and most of the adults in my life assumed I would never figure it out). So much research shows that parents who read raise children who read, and I watched my father choose reading as his preferred past-time throughout my entire childhood. He was the one that instilled in me a love for words and language, even when so many others had written it off as lost cause. And, as I grew older, his willingness and efforts to help me grow as a writer never dissipated.

My father has been my first ear and editor my entire life. From those five-page stories that were mostly just scribbled pictures I handed him in school to the 365,000-word MONSTROSITY I wrote right before I graduated to the earliest renditions of The Last Faoii that I sent him at 2:00 a.m. one night after waking up and feverishly typing out three insane chapters–my father has been there for every step of everything I’ve ever created. He struggled through the terrible ordeal of my first publishing experience with me. He test-read my tentative dabblings with short stories for the Writing Bloc anthologies. And now he’s reading through another 300 pages of something entirely different, simply because I asked him to.

I am so grateful for everyone I have in my life who has helped make my dream of being an author real. But, today, I want to thank my dad.

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