A Thank-You for My Husband

If you’re a writer and you’re married, make sure you thank your spouse. Because those poor fools go for weeks or months without seeing us except to bring coffee and fix the things we throw when our characters are being brats. I am convinced that no one deserves the Hell that is being married to a writer. And yet, the wonderful Tucker Nelson does it, anyway.

That being said–Editing of Faoii Betrayer is going very well. Currently, that is mostly thanks to the aforementioned Tucker Nelson, who has jumped deep into the editorial process for me and is pulling out long strands of issues that I had not considered during the initial draft. He is helping me better flesh out a world that, while in my head is real and complete, has not always translated well to paper since we only see it from one person’s eyes. His nightly discussions with me about the things he caught during his read that day have been invaluable, and I have pages of notes to work on. And, honestly, I’m quite excited! Because each one of these notes is going to make the story better. It’s going to be hard work fitting them into this story while still maintaining a flow. But I look forward to the challenge. Mostly because I know I won’t be alone when I do it. Tucker is going to be there every time I write a new scene or paragraph or sentence. He’s going to read every one of them and tell me if it helps fill out the world or addresses continuity errors. And he’s going to be completely honest when he does it. And I cannot express my gratitude for that.

Whoever you are, whatever your views on relationships or monogamy or partners– I hope you find someone in the world that supports you unconditionally. Who believes in your dreams enough to help you break them down first and then reconstruct them in sturdier, even more beautiful sculptures. Because we are too close to our work. It’s difficult to cut out those scenes we worked so hard on. It’s nearly impossible to see the work through a brand new set of eyes. And sometimes you don’t want to cut up a piece that you’ve spent months or years on. But sometimes a bone needs to be rebroken to heal correctly. And I am eternally grateful that my husband not only sees when something isn’t quite right, but he also has the strength and dedication to help me rebreak it, and then is there with me every step of the way during the mending process.

Thank you, Tucker. I love you more than words can say.

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