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The Faoii Order is the Shield of Imeriel. Wielding both magic and blade, these women have held back ancient evils and maintained sacred rites for millennia. But when a dark war uncovers secrets even the Faoii cannot keep hidden, it starts a chain of events threatening the free will of an entire continent.

As old leaders fall and new ones rise to take their place, a warrior, a thief, and a launderer all strive to fix what’s been broken. But none can see how their actions affect the Eternal Tapestry– and all are unknowingly bound to the Threads that the others grasp.

In an intricate tale that spans centuries, The Faoii Chronicles are both empowering and immersive. Everyone has the power to forge their own destiny–and even the smallest actions can change the Weave in monumental ways.

The Last Faoii is the powerful and immersive introduction to the Faoii Chronicles

The Faoii have protected Clearwall with both magic and blade for generations. But when her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, only young Kaiya-faoii is left alive.

Forced to cope without the long-standing traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels the country on a mission to avenge her sisters and preserve what is left of her heritage. The search brings her not only to dark discoveries and ancient family secrets, but to something she never wanted or dreamed of: a brother she never knew she had.

Thrust into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings must evaluate the true meanings of enemy, betrayal, and freedom – and the gray areas surrounding each. Kaiya slowly learns the true state of the world outside her monastery’s walls, the dangers of the poisonous army that is slowly covering the land, and of her own innate abilities gifted by the Goddess.

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Faoii Betrayer is the riveting and highly-anticipated 2nd novel in the Faoii Chronicles.

Two centuries after the Godfell War, Ilahna knows that the only way to survive in Clearwall is to be faster and smarter than everyone else. She stays on her toes, steals what she needs… and never EVER mentions magic.

Because magic is the way of the Faoii, and witches get burned in Clearwall.

Being silent isn’t always enough, though, and when her brother starts manifesting mysterious powers, Ilahna knows they don’t have much time.

Alone and hunted, the siblings must unbury a lifetime’s worth of lies and secrets and evade the Proclaimers’ grasp…or find themselves lashed to the pyre like all the Faoii that came before.

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Faoii Ascended is the thrilling and unforgettable conclusion to the Faoii Chronicles.

The Old Gods have returned to Imeriel. As one of the few people who can hear Their Call, Ehryn, a simple launderer, is expected to lead Clearwall to greatness.

Along with several others–a warrior destined to rule Clearwall, a spirited child with infinite knowledge, and an enigmatic Faoii as their guide– Ehryn is sent to uncover the will of the Old Gods and act as destiny’s harbinger. But Clearwall has always been built atop buried secrets, and as ancient beings being to rise again, dark forces stitch the final threads of a grim Tapestry that stems from the very beginning of the Faoii Order.

Can Ehryn and her companions escape a trap that’s circled Imeriel for millennia? Or will they fall beneath the machinations of deities lost to time?

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 Every tapestry is made of more than a single thread.

Explore the underlying and untold narratives of the Faoii Chronicles with this supplemental anthology. From standalone glimpses of far-off lands to fan-requested celebrations absent from the original trilogy, The First Faoli and Other Stories is a heartfelt gift of gratitude from author Tahani Nelson to her readers.

The First Faoli and Other Stories includes previously-published shorts, brand new stories featuring new characters and established favorites, a never-before-seen novella, and three bonus works from outside the world of the Faoii Chronicles. Each piece has a candid introduction about when and why the story formed, as well as first-hand insight into the characters, their histories, and the real-world events that brought them to life. 

So lay down your sword, Faoii. Rest awhile with this compendium of untold tales. It was only ever possible because you kept your shield up.


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